Assessment Options

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Learn more about the supported assessment option available at the University of Bath. Each assessment option will contain a recommended workflow and general how-to guidance to set-up your assessment.

Recording your sessions in GTA spaces

social distance lecture room

Share this page  What do we mean? IPL: In-person learning (the term generally used for a face-to-face, on campus session)  Further information Top tips and ideas for teaching in-person sessions Re:View FAQs Teaching Capture Policy Support for Hybrid We do

Re:View (Panopto) Guides

Re:View (Panopto) Guides

Further information Student FAQs Copyright information Share this page Moodle-linked folder content 2021-22 This playlist covers managing recorded content for the 2021-22 academic year. Viewing recordings This playlist covers viewing recordings in Re:View. Editing recordings This playlist covers the basics

Adobe Connect FAQs

Adobe Connect is the University of Bath’s webinar platform. Technical support Pedagogical support

How to use Re:View for staff

How to use Re:View for staff

  Preparing Re:View/Panopto for the new academic year Please note: Moodle-linked folders for 2022-2023 year were provisioned on Friday 9th September.  From this date, your content from 2021-2022 will be unlinked from Moodle.  If you plan to reuse any recordings