Blogging in Moodle

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Blogging activities within Moodle spaces, for individuals, groups or the whole class.

Accessibility+ Toolkit FAQ

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Themes Support the Needs of all Learners Accessibility and Inclusivity Guidance Accessibility+ Toolkit: Teacher Guide Accessibility Tookit+ screencast [coming soon] Digital Accessibility Hub Copyright information Bath Baseline UK Professional Skills Framework Contacts For advice on Accessibility Toolkit+ to enhance learning,

Accessibility+ Toolkit

Brickfield Education Labs

What is it? The Accessibility+ Toolkit is a tool to help staff to identify and fix accessibility issues in their Moodle based content. The new toolkit complements and runs alongside Ally to enhance the digital accessibility of all courses in

Moodle Forum Assessment Overview and FAQs

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What is Forum Assessment?   The Moodle Forum activity is a tool for communication and collaboration that allows learners and educators to exchange ideas by posting comments in a thread. Forums can be a great way to create a sense

Assessment Options

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Learn more about the supported assessment option available at the University of Bath. Each assessment option will contain a recommended workflow and general how-to guidance to set-up your assessment.

Moodle Board Overview and FAQs

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What is Moodle Board? Moodle Board enables a post-it board activity for students. This is a collaborative activity where the teachers sets out a number of columns with optional names and then participants can add contributions to the columns. Students

Fair Allocation Overview and FAQs

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What is Fair Allocation? This activity allows students to rate choices according to their preferences. The activity supports multiple different rating strategies (e.g. Accept-Deny, Rank, Points, Likert-scale). After a predefined time period for the student to make their choices, an

Moodle Assessment Overview

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Share this page  What do we mean? Dashboard – a customisable area in Moodle where staff and students can display access to their courses and see upcoming deadlines EUI – the Essential Unit Information (EUI) block in Moodle displays a