Advanced Grading in Moodle Assignment

What is it? Advanced grading is a grading method that can be used in Moodle Assignments.       Advanced grading is marking done with a Marking guide or a Rubric.    How do staff and students use it effectively?

Core Sessions – booking and resources

Core sessions are generally about 2 1/2 hours long, but please refer to the booking information.  Code Session name UKPSF/RDF descriptors Delivery dates Delivery time Resources 001 001a 001b Introduction to the UKPSF and evidence and pathway planning None-overview of

Group peer review tool

pie chart with shares divided between group members

What is it? The Group Peer Review Moodle activity has been developed by the TEL team. It allows students to rate one another after working on a group assignment. Typically you may want students to assess each others’ contribution to

Transforming Curricula and Assessment (TraCA)

The University has agreed to some significant changes to its approach to its academic framework to allow greater flexibility and creativity in curriculum design and assessment.TraCA is an alternative option to a traditional Degree Scheme Review. This new integrative process:supports

Online Assessment and Feedback

Online Submission (Written Assignments) The Moodle Assignment Tool is used to upload written work. This can then also be run through Urkund, a text-matching tool which checks a document against millions of websites as well as other students´work. Discover More