What do we mean?

The reports produced by our systems provide data that can help to give an indication of student involvement with the online content.

The main benefit of being able to access this data is that lecturers can identify students who may be struggling to keep up with the online tasks set for them, and provide access to support.  Additionally lecturers can review how often resources are viewed and provide reminders for students at important times.

The main benefit for students in being able to access their activity completion report is one of keeping track of progress.  They can see what they've completed and what they still need to do.

 Further information

Contact tel@bath.ac.uk if you have any questions relating to accessing these reporting features.

Using Reporting Tools

Moodle - Re:View - Zoom - Teams

Moodle Reports

When staff and students work in Moodle the technology logs their interactions.  This information is then made available in various report functions:

  • for staff so that they can understand student behaviour and analyse how students are working with the online content
  • for students so that they can keep track of their progress

The following information identifies some of the most useful reports and their potential uses, but please be clear that the information does not provide evidence that learning has taken place.  Rather, it gives you an indication that tasks are being attempted, or completed, that readings are being viewed or that forum posts are being made.  You can see which types of activity are visited regularly and which are not so popular.  With this information you can start to get a picture of how your students are interacting with the content, you and their peers.

Other Reports

The other software tools we use for teaching and learning can also provide some usage data that can be useful.


Updated on: 7 August 2022