We recommend that staff continue to use Moodle for the vast majority of their teaching delivery during this period


Moodle is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) used for both synchronous  (live) and asynchronous activity such as discussion forums, learning activities (e.g. quizzes), learning materials, lecture notes and presentations, and pre-recorded audio and video.

Set expectationsUpload resources and activitiesUse discussion forumsSet formative quizzesSet assessment submission points

Set expectations

  • Explain to students how you intend to use the Moodle environment.
  • Set clear guidance on when you will be 'present' i.e. when you will respond to questions posted in forum discussions or when you will be uploading content or assessing submitted work (essentially your virtual office hours).
  • Make it clear that you will answer questions 'publically' in the forums, rather than privately through email.  All students can then benefit from the answers.
  • Explain clearly what you expect students to do. Should they login in everyday or specific days?  If you want them to take part in discussions make it clear if their participation is required or optional.

Upload resources and activities

  • Provide students with lecture notes, articles or tasks. (Make sure the files are sensibly named).
  • Include instructions so that students know what to do with these resources.
  • Use the resources to keep students 'active' by building in activities around them.

Uploading files

Use discussion forums

  • Use the Announcement or News forum for one way communication (i.e. for posting notices).
  • Use Q&A forums for two-way communication.
  • Encourage students to answer each others questions.
  • Check in and respond (as per your 'virtual office hours').

Tips for student engagement in online discussion forums
Forums: start discussions

Set formative quizzes

  • Check student progress through Moodle quizzes - you have access to multiple question types.
  • Include correct answers and feedback so students can check their own progress.

Moodle Quizzes
I can add a quiz

Set assessment submission points

  • Allow students to upload their work for you to check by setting up a Moodle Assignment.
  • Use the Grade Transfer tool to transfer grades to SAMIS.

Set up a Moodle assignment**
Moodle offline grading
Moodle online grading
Grade Transfer tool

(**Note: this video makes reference to Turnitin for originality detection of students' work. The University of Bath has since moved to Urkund but the instructions are otherwise the same).

Inclusive & Accessible Learning

Planning Inclusive and Accessible teaching is essential: any student must be able to access content and all learners benefit from these practices.

Developing Inclusive Practice in Teaching and Learning

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Writing Accessible Technical Content

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