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Visit our guidance and resources overview page where you will find links to key information regarding teaching online and the use of various technology and tools.
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Quick guides to help introduce you to key aspects of online and blended learning and teaching.

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Teaching and Learning Online - General Information and Advice

The information in the following pages is designed to help staff continue to deliver your teaching online using the technologies currently supported by the University of Bath. This does not reflect our normal advice on planning and teaching for online-only delivery, and instead our guidance focuses on the basics that staff will need during this time.

As a general rule, we would encourage you to follow some very basic principles:

  • Keep things simple
  • Use the tools and technologies that are supported by the University and that you are already familiar with
  • Set clear expectations to preserve both your and your students’ well-being
  • Avoid trying to replicate what you do when you teach face-to-face as this will be difficult both for you and your students
  • Use of live content should be kept to a minimum

Moodle icon The University’s online teaching platform is Moodle and you are advised to use this as your main hub for interacting with students. You will already be familiar with many of the tools available in Moodle. We are creating additional guidance to support you on using some of the activities you may not have explored yet. However, try not to be too ambitious and focus on things that are quick and easy.

We do not suggest you try to deliver your hour-long lecture online. Staff and students are going to be geographically spread over different time zones and will have variable internet access. Instead of running a live session, maybe record a shorter video and upload it to the Unit folder in Re:View so that students can watch when they are able. Supplement this recording with an asynchronous online discussion activity using a forum in Moodle.

NEW: We have developed some guidance to help support students with the move to studying remotely.  We encourage you to share this resource with your students.

Please refer to the guidance we have provided here but, if you are still unable to work out how you should proceed, please email the TEL Team.

NOTE: Please do not use personal email addresses as we will be unable to deal with your query as quickly, always use

If you have any additional suggestions to help the University continue to provide high quality learning and teaching during this difficult time, please let us know below.

Online Teaching Suggestions

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Moodle FAQs

Can’t find the answer here? The Moodle Support Hub provides comprehensive advice and has a set of basic FAQs or contact for help.

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Zoom FAQs

An Overview of Zoom and Breakout Rooms Our main Zoom pages contact more information on: Setting up your account (for staff) Scheduling your meetings Guidance for students Accounts Setting up a Zoom meeting During a meeting Presenting & Collaborating in

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How to use Re:View for staff

Re:View (Panopto) Staff FAQs

  Preparing Re:View/Panopto for the new academic year Please note: Moodle-linked folders for 2022-2023 year were provisioned on Friday 9th September.  From this date, your content from 2021-2022 will be unlinked from Moodle.  If you plan to reuse any recordings

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Microsoft Teams FAQs

The FAQs below result from the TEL teams conversations with staff around the University, particularly relating to learning and teaching. Further guidance can be found on the University of Bath – Learning Pathways site For technical queries contact DD&T (Computing

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