A full programme of  development activities is available to all research staff, technicians and professional service colleagues who wish to engage further with their academic and professional development to enhance skills and knowledge related to learning, teaching and research.

Who should access the APDaS curriculum?

The APDaS curriculum is aimed to support all members of staff who:

  • are interested in engaging further with their academic and professional development;
  • already teach as part of their current role, or;
  • are planning to teach in HE.

Benefits of accessing APDaS

This comprehensive programme of resources and activities can help you:

  • develop your knowledge, skills and understanding of teaching, learning and assessment in blended modes of teaching;
  • develop your digital skills in this area through guidance and hands-on experience;
  • develop your career through the delivery of high-quality learning, teaching and research management;
  • connect with your colleagues in a community of learning and teaching.

How will APDaS be delivered?

The APDaS provision includes a comprehensive programme of core, choice and option sessions, which can be selected according to your individual development needs.  They are championed by the Centre for Learning & Teaching and delivered in partnership with other professional service departments, including Research Innovation Services, the Library, the Careers Service, and Workforce Development.

In 2020-21, our core, choice and option sessions will be delivered using a blended approach. This will include: preparatory tasks and pre-reading using resources accessed via Moodle and the CLT Hub, and synchronous activities, which will take place using Teams or Zoom.

All core sessions and most choice sessions of the programme will run twice a year. They will be published in advance to help you plan.

Option activities will include the Talk Teaching series of panel events, masterclasses and Lunchtime Hubs. Option activities and supporting resources may be added throughout the academic year.

All APDaS sessions are listed in a one-stop shop summary, and can be booked via the CLT Hub.

Next steps

Not sure which sessions are appropriate for your development requirements? Contact acdev@bath.ac.uk for support.

 APDaS curriculum and booking

Can't see an activity or resource that you think would help you support your professional development as a teacher or researcher? Contact clt@bath.ac.uk with your suggestions.