Before you start

pie chart with shares divided between group membersThe Group Peer Review activity has been developed by the TEL team. It allows students to rate one another after working on a group assignment. Typically staff may ask you to assess each others’ contribution to a group task, and adjust the group assignment mark for individual students, based on the assessment you receive from your peers.

Your final peer assessment mark is made up of the group assignment mark scaled by an aggregated peer assessment weighting.

From a student view:

  • Handles anonymous submission of scores and supporting justification (optional) to members of your group
  • Receive your final scores

Preparing for your group peer review activity

Before your group peer review activity, your unit convener or a member of teaching staff will

  • Assign you to a group in Moodle, or ask you to complete a Group Choice activity to assign yourself to a group
  • Note: you will not be able to upload your group assignment submission or complete the peer review activity until you have been assigned to or joined a Moodle group

Your unit convener will also

  • Explain the purpose and benefits of taking part in the group peer review activity
  • Provide the assessment criteria in advance with opportunities to ask questions and seek clarification
  • Make deadlines clear in advance, and make sure you understand the importance of meeting deadlines within the peer review activity
  • Explain if there are penalties for non-participation
  • Provide guidance to show you how and when to upload your peer reviews

Uploading your group assignment submission

You and your teammates must be in a group in Moodle before uploading your group submission. The assignment submission point will normally be set up so that one member of the group can upload a file or submit a link on behalf of the whole group.

Go to the submission point and choose Add submission.

screenshot showing add submission button

Drag and drop or browse to upload your file, then choose Save changes

Screenshot highlighting assignment upload and save changes

The assignment status will show Submitted for grading. The file will be uploaded for all members in your group.

During the group peer review activity

decorative imageYou will need to access the group peer review activity. A link will be provided in your course. The activity is recognised by this icon.

  • This is where you will give each of your team mates a mark based on their performance and contribution in the task. Teams who do not return their peer-assessment marks on time may be penalised.
  • Make sure you read the Peer assessment criteria and use them to rate your peers’ contributions to the group task
  • This activity can be completed before or after the submission of the assignment in Moodle. Make sure you meet the deadlines provided.
  • Your unit convener may enable the option for self-assessment, or you may only be required to assess the contribution of others in your group. Follow the instructions provided for your peer review activity
  • Your final grade for the assignment is based on the assignment score and an aggregated peer review weighting
  • Fill in your ratings and comments, and make sure that you choose Save review before leaving the page.

Screenshot showing how to enter ratings and highlighting save changes

Any marks and comments will not be visible to other students in your group.

Comments are optional and can be viewed by teachers on the course.

Viewing your grades

Your unit convener will tell you when they have reviewed and saved the final marks and made them visible.

To view your individual final mark, go back in to the Peer Review Activity.

The final mark is made up of the group assignment mark scaled by your aggregate peer mark and also a peer assessment weighting, and has been reviewed by your unit convener.

Screenshot showing peer review activity with student final mark displayed at the top of the screen

Who do I contact for further support with Group Peer Review?

For advice on using Group Peer Review tool contact your unit convener or member of teaching staff.