What is it?

H5P is an abbreviation for HTML5 Package. H5P aims to make it easy for anyone to create interactive content such as presentations, videos and other multimedia, questions, quizzes, games and more without the need of programming skills. It is integrated with Moodle, so you can create and share your content easily on the platform.

Below is a short interactive video created with H5P to provide you with a brief introduction to the resource.

The above activity was created using H5P "Course Presentation".

How do I create H5P content?

You can create your H5P content in the Content Bank of your Moodle unit. Do not create the content in the Content Bank of the Moodle Homepage or you will not be able to find the resource when you are in your Moodle unit.

For the 21/22 Academic Year we will be able to support the six following H5P content types:

Accordion icon


Branching Scenario Icon

Branching Scenario

Course Presentation icon

Course Presentation

Interactive Book icon

Interactive Book

Multiple Choice Icon

Multiple Choice

Single Choice Set

Single Choice Set

For descriptions, examples and guidance on these H5P content types please click here.

There are other H5P content types available in Moodle and you may find some of the content types not listed on this page beneficial to your activity.


Watch this short video [3 mins 23 secs] which demonstrates how to create H5P content in Moodle:

Moodle can timeout after a certain period of inactivity so we recommend saving your work regularly to avoid losing the H5P content you are creating.


How do I add or embed an H5P resource into my Moodle page?

Once you have created an H5P resource you can then share it by adding it as a stand-alone activity or embedding it as a resource to your Moodle page.

Watch this short video [4 mins 03 secs] which demonstrates how to add stand-alone H5P content to your Moodle page:


You can also add H5P content by embedding it. Content can be embedded in resources such as a Label or a Page.

Watch this short video [3 mins 03 secs] which demonstrates how to embed H5P content into your Moodle page:



  • Interactive learning
  • Online learning
  • Independent learning
  • Revision
  • Assessment
  • Reflective learning


H5P.org - Examples and Downloads

H5P.org - Tutorials for Authors

H5P- Moodle Docs

Copyright information

Bath Blend Baseline


For advice on using H5P to enhance learning, teaching and assessment contact the TEL team: tel@bath.ac.uk



Moodle does not automatically save your work when creating H5P content. Moodle does timeout after a certain period of inactivity so we recommend saving your work regularly to avoid losing the H5P content you are creating.

Yes, you can upload an externally created H5P resource (like any resource uploaded into Moodle, it cannot exceed 50mb in size).

There are 2 ways to upload an H5P resource.

  1. You can upload the package into your Content bank.

Go into your Content bank and click on the Upload button.

Upload button highlighted in Content bank of Moodle

2. You can upload the package directly onto your Moodle page.

When adding stand-alone or embedded H5P content at the File picker step chose Upload file (instead of Content bank), you can then chose your H5P content from your PC.

File picker with Upload file highlighted in Moodle

There are 3 options you can enable when adding your H5P resource to Moodle:

  • Allow download
  • Embed button
  • Copyright button

If these are enabled all participants (staff and students) in your unit will see the following 3 icons at the bottom of your H5P resource.

Allow download / Reuse gives permission to any participant on your unit to download the H5P resource. If clicked participants can download a file which can be uploaded to any website where H5P content is supported. Being able to download a resource is useful if you want colleagues to be able to make a copy and edit your resource.


Embed button / Embed provides participants with the embed html link for your resource.


 Copyright button / Rights of use allows participants to view the copyright information you provided in your resource.

Yes, an H5P resource can be downloaded by clicking on the Reuse button located at the bottom left of the resource. Please note if you enable this option all participants in the unit, including students will have the ability to download the resource. For more information on the Reuse button and the other H5P options click here.

reuse button

The resource will only have the Reuse button if it had been enabled when the resource was added to Moodle. To learn how to add a resource to Moodle click here.

When you add /embed your H5P content onto your Moodle page you can add it as Make a copy of the file or Create an alias/shortcut to the file.

Adding option of H5P showing the option to add a copy or add a shortcut.

Moodle’s default option is Make a copy of the file, which means the H5P content added to your page will be a new, unconnected version. Any changes you make to the original in the Content bank will not affect or appear in the copy. To change the copy on your Moodle page you will have to re-upload the content.

If you would like you can chose Create an alias/shortcut to the file. Choosing this option means any changes to the original file in the Content bank will change in all instances of the alias. Please note changes to the original file may not affect previously awarded grades.

As with any resource uploaded into Moodle, your externally created H5P resource cannot exceed 50mb. We also encourage you to not create large content types within Moodle as the activity may experience performance issues.

You can rename an H5P resource you created by first going into the Content bank and clicking on the package you would like to rename. Next, click on the cog located in the top right of the page and from the dropdown menu choose the option Rename.

Rename cog

You can now update the Content name and click Rename to save. Your content has now been renamed.

To delete an H5P resource from your Moodle page first Turn editing on.

Turn editing on button

Next click on Edit for the content you would like to delete and from the dropdown menu choosing Delete.

Confirm you want to delete the content by clicking Yes.


To delete H5P content you created in the Content bank first click on the package you would like to delete. Next, click on the cog located in the top right of the page and from the dropdown menu choose the option Delete.

Rename cog

Confirm you want to delete the package by clicking on Delete.

You have now deleted the H5P content from the Content bank. Even though it has been removed from your Content bank the H5P activity will still be on your Moodle page unless you delete it from there as well.

You cannot edit or delete a package in the Content bank created by another user.

To make changes you will need to download and upload the package into the Content bank yourself. You can download the package by choosing the resource in the Content bank and clicking on the pink cog and selecting Download.

Download option on Moodle highlighted in pink

Once you have downloaded the resource you will to need upload it back into the Content Bank. You will now be able to edit your version of the H5P content. Don’t forget to switch and re-link the resource to the correct version on your Moodle page.

Yes, you can Copy and Paste and replace content you have authored from an existing package to a new one. This is helpful if you want to make changes for different groups or want to make different versions of an activity. Warning, Paste and replace will overwrite all content in the package not just specific sections.

To copy you will need to go into the Content bank and click on the package you would like to copy. Once you have chosen your package click the Edit button on the right.

Edit button

Once in Edit click the Copy button on the top right of the page.

Copy button circled

Now go back to your Content bank and Add a new activity (it does not matter which activity you choose as Paste and replace will override the package choice).

In the new activity click Paste and replace.

paste and replace button circled

Moodle will ask you to confirm you want to replace your content. If you are happy click Replace content.

Replace content warning

You have now copied over your H5P content.

H5P is responsive and will adjust its size to different devices. However, you cannot manually adjust the size of the package.

Yes, mathematical expressions can be added to all text fields in the H5P authoring tool. Click here to read the documentation on Mathematical formula using LaTeX.

We do not recommend using H5P for summative assessment.

With an H5P activity you cannot limit the number of attempts a students takes and for some package types student answers will not be saved until they click Finish. However, if you would like to store a grade in the gradebook to keep track of students’ progress you will need to add your H5P content as a stand-alone activity. For guidance on how to add your H5P content as a stand-alone activity please click here.

H5P activity button

Once the H5P activity is added you can leave it as a stand alone, or you can embed it in other activities and resources. To create an embedded H5P activity that will appear in the gradebook please view H5P improvements.

Yes, you can delete and replace your H5P content, but any previously stored information (such as students’ attempts and answers) will be removed.

Students do not have access to the Content bank in Moodle and cannot create H5P content in Moodle. If students are required to create interactive digital resources they can author content with Xerte.

Not all the H5P content types listed in Moodle’s drop-down menu are currently maintained by the H5P core team.

Below is a list of some of the H5P content types that do not function with their intended purpose:

  • appear.in for Chat and Talk
  • Advent Calendar (beta)
  • Find the Words
  • Questionnaire
  • Twitter User Feed