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Creating questions to use with Inspera

Creating your questions and question set

A Question Set is simply a collection of questions. Guidance can be found on the Creating the examination page. There are two ways to create a Question Set:

  • Create a Question Set and then create new questions within it.
  • Create questions individually outside of a Question Set. These will be saved in a question bank. You can then create a Question Set and add the questions from the question bank.

We currently support the following 15 question types.

Automatically markedManually markedNot marked
Multiple ChoiceEssayDocument
Multiple ResponseText AreaForm
Text EntryUpload Assignment
Numeric EntryProgramming
Inline ChoiceMath(s) Working
True / False
Matching / Pairing

Considerations when choosing question types:

  • Do not ask students to copy & paste images into Inspera. If you require students to submit images such as diagrams and graphs, this should be via the Upload Assignment question type. Single image uploads can be allowed if .jpg or .png file types are enabled.  Multiple images could be saved in a PDF document along with the answer text, or an additional Upload Assignment question worth zero marks could be used if the answer text and images are required separately.
  • Ouriginal (previously known as Urkund) for originality checking can be enabled within certain question types during the exam period. These are: Essay and Upload Assignment.

Automatically marked question types

Multiple choice

Multiple Choice is a question type where the candidates will answer the question by selecting one alternative. Inspera support – multiple choice

Multiple response

Multiple Response is a question type where candidates will answer the question by selecting one or more alternatives. Inspera support – multiple response

Text Entry

Text Entry is a question type where the candidates can answer the question by filling in a word or a short sentence in a blank field. You can have multiple correct alternatives. Inspera support – text entry

Numeric Entry

Numeric Entry is a question type where the candidates can answer the question by writing only a number or number value. If a candidate uses letters, they will receive an error message. You can have a correct interval e.g. between 5 and 5.3 is correct, but you cannot have two separate answers. Inspera support – numeric entry

Inline Choice

Inline Choice is a question type where the candidates can answer the question by selecting a value from alternatives in a drop-down list. Inspera support – inline choice


True/false is a question type where candidates can answer the question by selection one of the alternatives True or False. Inspera support – true/false


Matching/Pairing is a question type where the candidates can find which values, expressions, places, phenomena etc. that fits together. The question can also be used as a check table. Inspera support – matching/pairing


Composite is a question type where several questions types can be combined. Available question types are: Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, True/false, Text Entry, Numeric Entry, Math Entry, Inline Choice and Math Working.Inspera support – composite

Manually marked question types


Essay is a question type where candidates can write longer texts with the opportunity to use formatting such as tables, LaTeX, special symbols and mathematical symbols. Inspera support – essay

Text area

Text Area is a question type where the candidates can write shorter text answers of the plain text type into a text area. Inspera support – text area

Upload assignment

Upload Assignment is a question type where candidates answer the question by uploading a file. This means, for example, that the candidate can upload the final answer as a file in the question (e.g. if they are producing handwritten answers which will be scanned for upload).

  • We recommend allowing only PDF uploads if you wish to mark within Inspera.
  • The default file size limit for upload is 1 GB.

Inspera support – upload assignment


Programming is a question type where the candidates can write code in a specified programming language in an editor specially adapted for writing and displaying code. If you wish to run the code, it may be better to ask students to upload a file. Inspera support – programming

Math(s) Working

Math(s) Working is a question type that allows the candidates to show their calculation step by step through the process of solving a mathematical problem. Inspera support – math(s) working

Not marked question types


Document is a question type used to provide information to the candidates. It is visible to the candidates but is not counted in the numbering for the questions. The candidates cannot respond to the document, which is why it is not a marked question. Inspera support – document


Form is a question type used as a questionnaire, so that the candidates can provide additional data (metadata) that the institution wants to collect. Inspera support – form

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