A small number of ‘Vanguard’ courses have already embarked upon this transformational process, ahead of the wider institutional roll-out.  These ‘Vanguards’ started work in November 2017 to include:

  • PGT Engineering Business Management / Innovation Technology Management (2018/19 launch).
  • UG Chemical Engineering / Chemical Engineering with Environmental Engineering (2019/20 launch).
  • PGT Biosciences (2019/20 launch).
  • UG Health courses (2020/21 launch).


  • Early adopter PGT courses for 2020/21 entry have completed the Phase 1: Strategic Positioning phase and are working to July 2019 deadlines for Phase 2: Detailed Development.
  • Non-vanguard UG for Strategic Positioning submission in July 2019, for 2021/22 entry.
  • Remaining PGT for Strategic Positioning submission in October 2019, for 2021/22 entry.
When is this happening?