What you need to know to start your Senior Fellowship claim

University of Bath staff can gain recognition of their teaching practice through our accredited scheme with Advance HE, which allows us to award HEA fellowships. This is called Pathways to HEA Fellowships, or PHEAF. All the information required to make

Re:View (Panopto) Guides

Re:View (Panopto) Guides

Further information Student FAQs Copyright information Share this page Moodle-linked folder content 2020-21 This playlist covers managing recorded content for the 2020-21 academic year. Viewing recordings This playlist covers viewing recordings in Re:View. Editing recordings This playlist covers the basics

Moodle Guides

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Planning Moodle Courses Moodle course management (summary) Teaching online with Moodle Bath Blend Baseline Moodle Essential Unit Block Inclusive Curriculum Briefing Inclusivity Checklist Share this page Structure and navigation This playlist covers the basics. Orientation and communication This playlist covers

Support for students studying remotely

Support for students studying remotely

This page provides links to resources for students to support them while studying remotely.  Introduction to studying online View in a new browser window   Using Panopto (Re:View) as a student Re:View is the University of Bath’s lecture capture system.

Teaching with Technology

There is a wide range of different technologies available to support and enhance your teaching and learning.

Diagnostic Tool & Content Management System

Why? “Students must be effective self-assessors; to be anything less is to be dangerously ill-prepared to cope with change” (Boud 2000, p. 160). As part of the development of both sound academic practice and lifelong learning skills, the ability to

Peer Assessment

What is it? Peer Assessment is a student-centred assessment approach that allows students to develop a deeper insight into the quality of their own work through the assessment of peers’ work. Students take responsibility for assessing the work of their

Assessment for Learning

Assessment for Learning (AfL) This page provides information and guidance related to assessment practice. AfL recognises that we assess in order to understand and validate student progression but also in order to motivate and develop individuals and their knowledge, skills,