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Academic research comes to life when it is published and someone else reads it. Consequently, the number and quality of your papers is often used as a measure of how well you are performing as an academic researcher. Writing Quality Papers provides a ten-step process that can help you write with greater speed and confidence, at the same time as increasing your chance of getting published in your target journal.

During the courses participant will:
1. Analyse the structure of papers, revealing aspects of editorial thinking.
2. Create a blank ‘map’, scoping the scale of the writing task and presenting as Step Tree flow char, or list of bullet points.
3. Determine the message / claim / finding of the research, creating a clear focus of the document.
4. Agreeing authorship is more about team discipline and diplomacy than rules.
5. Research paragraph use in Introductions (and other areas), revealing the narrative structures found in academic papers.
6. Select information by combing ‘message’ and ‘structure’, creating a tool that lets you pull what is needed at the same time as showing what information can legitimately be left out.
7. Decide on order of information in your first draft, listing it on a post-it.
8. Write purposefully, using the post-it note list to guide the first draft.
9. Revise for clarity, ensuring that the core message / claim is clearly understood by the key decision-makers.
10. Build and abstract, recognising that this is all of your paper that many people will ever read

This is a practical ‘hands-on’ workshop. To make the most of your day you will need to bring the following:
1) an idea for a paper – preferably one that you plan to write in the near future.
2) two to four papers that have been published RECENTLY in your TARGET JOURNAL (the one you want your paper in). Where possible select papers that also cover similar research to your own in terms of methodological approach and subject area.

Ideally at least one of these papers will be printed out.

It is a good idea to pick papers that you thought were well written because during the day you will examine them to guide your writing.

Writing quality papers

Date(s) - 18/12/2017
9:15 am - 4:30 pm
Main Campus (CB 3.11)

Event Speaker/Organiser: ThinkWrite
Course Code: RSQP
Curriculum Transformation: N/A
Bath Blend: N/A
Digital Capability: N/A
RDF: D - Engagement, Influence and Impact
Target Audience: All

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