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A transformative approach for team work in large cohorts

Team-Based Learning (TBL) offers the potential to transform group work into something that: builds high performance teams; creates meaningful learning partnerships between students; and holds students accountable to their peers. The promise of TBL is that flipped teaching will work and peer learning will become a reality not just an aspiration. TBL offers a scaleable way to increase engagement while delivering higher level learning outcomes – a triple win. Is TBL too good to be true?

In this workshop, led by Steve Cayzer, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, you will answer this question by experiencing TBL for yourself.

Pre-reading will be provided and you will be assigned to diverse teams. You will then experience the student journey through a typical TBL session, including an individual test, and team test. If time permits there will be a short application activity during which you will assess to what extent TBL could be applied to your teaching.

This session is suitable for those with no experience of TBL, but is designed to be of value to those who have experienced TBL or related approaches like problem based learning or flipping.

Steve Cayzer was introduced to TBL in 2017 and it has since transformed his teaching in cohorts of 80-100 students. Along the way, many lessons have been learnt about what works best in an engineering context. Some of the empirical data will be provided as part of this workshop.

Intended Learning Outcomes

– Define team-based learning (TBL)

– Describe some empitical evidence for the efficacy of TBL.

– Assess the suitability of TBL for your own context.

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Talk Teaching Masterclass: Team Based Learning

Date(s) - 05/12/2019
2:15 pm - 4:05 pm
Main Campus (CB 4.10)

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Curriculum Transformation: N/A
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Digital Capability: All
Target Audience: All

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