Upcoming Events

22/02/20231:30 pm - 4:05 pmCORE - 006 - Creating Positive Learning Environments: Inclusive Learning and Teaching

The session provides a deep knowledge of the Patterns Beyond Labels model and strategies for inclusive practice, including decolonisation, in teaching and learning.

Accessibility, Articulate a course-wide approach to learning, Consistency, Delivery, Design, Engagement, Engaging all learners, esip-learning-environments, Inclusivity, RDF A1, RDF A2, RDF A3, RDF C1, RDF D1, RDF D2, RDF D3, Scaffolding, Support the needs of all learners, UKPSF A1, UKPSF A2, UKPSF A3, UKPSF A4, UKPSF A5, UKPSF K2, UKPSF K3, UKPSF V1, UKPSF V2
15/03/202310:15 am - 12:05 pmOPTION - Alternative Format Theses: issues and challenges

Covers the essentials of producing an alternative format thesis (thesis containing publications) or a portfolio with papers, including publication types and versions, publisher copyright issues, licenses and permissions.

Digital, Inclusivity, Other, RDF A1, RDF A2, RDF A3
03/04/202310:15 am - 12:05 pmOPTION - EndNote Online for reference management

Workshop to help you get started using EndNote Online to manage your references and cite while you write.

digital, Other, RDF A1, RDF A2, RDF A3