Upcoming Events

16/02/20222:15 pm - 4:15 pmOPTION – Managing your digital identity as a researcher: strategies and case studies

What’s your digital footprint doing for you? Come to this workshop to explore inspiring case studies and consider how to build your scholarly reputation online.

Digital communication collaboration and participation, Digital identity and wellbeing, Engagement, RDF B2, RDF B3, RDF D2, RDF D3, UKPSF A5, UKPSF V4
10/03/20221:30 pm - 3:30 pmCHOICE - 116 - Patterns Beyond Labels: Reframing Inclusive Learning and Teaching

The session provides a deeper knowledge of the Patterns Beyond Labels model to reframe inclusive practice for teaching and learning.

Accessibility, and media literacies, Articulate a course-wide approach to learning, Consistency, data, Digital identity and wellbeing, Digital learning and development, Engagement, Information, RDF A1, RDF A2, RDF A3, RDF C1, RDF D1, RDF D2, RDF D3, Scaffolding, Support the needs of all learners, UKPSF A1, UKPSF A2, UKPSF A3, UKPSF A4, UKPSF A5, UKPSF K2, UKPSF K3, UKPSF V1, UKPSF V2