Upcoming Events

09/02/20239:30 am - 11:05 amCHOICE - 118 - Engaging Students in Research at Undergraduate Level and Beyond

This session explores the key issues around student research and provides a framework for articulating research activities within the curriculum.

Articulate a course-wide approach to learning, Confidence, Consistency, Design, Employability, RDF C2, RDF D1, RDF D3, Research & teaching, Scaffolding, UKPSF A1, UKPSF A4, UKPSF A5, UKPSF K2, UKPSF K3, UKPSF V2, UKPSF V3, UKPSF V4
23/03/20239:30 am - 11:05 amCHOICE - 117 - Innovation in Teaching and Learning at Bath

The session focuses on recent case studies of innovative teaching and learning approaches to consider how technology can support creative, collaborative learning for enhanced student experience.

Accessibility, Confidence, Delivery, Design, Digital creation problem solving and innovation, Digital learning and development, Engagement, Innovation, RDF A3, RDF B3, RDF D3, Support the needs of all learners, UKPSF A1, UKPSF A2, UKPSF A4, UKPSF A5, UKPSF K2, UKPSF K3, UKPSF K4, UKPSF K5