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Please note that this workshop is aimed at staff who research and/or teach, other staff are also welcome to attend. 

Potential Energy focuses on how presenters build relationships with their audiences and use their internal and external resources to create impact. It pays no attention to content nor takes account of job function. In our experience, voluntary participation is the single most influential factor governing its effectiveness that those wishing to commission this course should bear in mind when considering the audience.

If you type “Presentation Skills” into a search engine, you will find links to millions of pages. Begin to explore these pages, and you will find a wealth of excellent advice that can help make presentations better. Many will cite aspects such as a comfortable speaking pace, making good eye contact, using appropriate gestures and adopting open body language. Undoubtedly this is all good advice, but whilst most websites (and indeed, many workshops) are very good at telling you what to do, they mostly fail to address how to actually do it.

This is where Potential Energy is different. Requiring some safe group participation, it strips away many of the myths that surround public speaking. By exploring and exposing what we do intellectually, emotionally and physically when we communicate effectively, the course brings to life five fundamental principles of live communication, illustrates in a practical way how we naturally and consistently fulfil them, and leaves attendees with memorable concepts and practical exercises with which to approach presentations in the future; be they the next day, month or year.

Staff also registered as a Doctoral Student at the University of Bath cannot take part in the programme. The Doctoral College offers development opportunities (http://www.bath.ac.uk/learningandteaching/rdu/courses/pgskills/skills-development/index.html) for Doctoral students.

Please be aware, there will be no catering provided at this workshop, but you are welcome to bring your own tea/coffee/drink along.

Cancelled – Potential Energy (Presentation skills)

Date(s) - 09/06/2020
1:15 pm - 4:05 pm
Main Campus (6E 2.2)

Event Speaker/Organiser: Piero Vitelli
Course Code: RSPS
Curriculum Transformation: N/A
Bath Blend: N/A
Digital Capability: All
Target Audience: Staff who Teach and Research

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