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Modelling pedagogic research in HE and FE Conference is a Collaborative Enhancement Project supported and funded by QAA Membership. The project is led by University of Bath in partnership with Askham Bryan College, Barnsley College, Leeds Trinity University and University of Hull. Find out more about Collaborative Enhancement Projects on the QAA website.

University of Bath LogoInstitutions across HE and FE often grapple with challenges of tackling quality issues that are informed by the literature and exemplars of good practice. This is even more exacerbated with limited resources and staff lacking the capacity, skills, or experience to take scholarly informed approaches to quality matters. To address this challenge, this conference will showcase the work of a QAA funded consortium of HE and FE providers. The HE/FE consortium has developed a model for promoting a sustainable pedagogic research community that can be applied across the HE/FE sector. Conference participants will be able to hear about the pedagogic research model and are also invited to contribute their own experiences.

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This conference will demonstrate the development of the pedagogic research model and highlight some case studies across the HE and FE partners, based around their own experiences. We would also like to invite contributions from across the FE and HE sector to share their work, experiences and personal stories.

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Call for participation: We invitied participants to submit proposals that reflect their own challenges, experiences or personal stories about engaging in pedagogic research; and/or how they have taken a literature informed approach to institutional decision-making processes covering, but not restricted to the following themes.


  • Examples of developing a pedagogic research community or culture
  • Challenges or experiences of developing or promoting scholarly research skills in HE or FE
  • Personal experiences of engaging in pedagogic research in an HE or FE setting
  • Examples of taking literature informed institutional quality decisions
  • Other contributions relating to the development, promotion or application of pedagogic research-related decision making

Full Online Programme available here


QAA project led by members of University of Bath, University of Hull, Leeds Trinity University, Barnsley College and Askham Bryan College

Modelling pedagogic research in HE and FE Conference 2023

Date(s) - 07/06/2023
9:30 am - 12:15 pm

Event Speaker/Organiser: Centre for Learning & Teaching
Course Code:
Topic: PedR
Curriculum Transformation: N/A
Bath Blend: N/A
Digital Capability: N/A
Target Audience: All Staff (Academic/Professional Services)

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