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Please note that this workshop  is aimed at staff who research and/or teach – other staff is welcome to attend. 

Standing between us and a sense of greater confidence are any number of hurdles to face and overcome, only two of which this course has time to consider; what it might be, and one way in which the world around us can sometimes appear to keep it at bay. The etymology of the word ‘Confidence’ is Con Fidere, which is Latin for With Faith. In seemingly direct contrast, the Con Artist (or Confidence Trickster) relies on the good faith of their victim to perpetrate a fraud. These two facts are the inspiration behind the approach taken by Exploring Confidence, a short voyage of discovery with some surprising views.

Dr Elias Porter was an American psychologist, part of whose research explored the connections between our values, motivations and behaviour. Central to his Relationship Awareness Theory was what happens when people experience a sense of conflict through the world seeming to work against them in some way, and this work forms the basis for approximately half of the workshop.
Participants will first explore the landscape of Porter’s theory, testing to see if it might give them an objective lens through which to view and understand their behaviours. Then, through disclosure and group discussion, the workshop creates a series of snapshots that cast light on the frustration that can often present itself when individuals work in a group setting.

By identifying personal strengths and group needs, participants can gain an insight into how their habits shape the world they see and others perceptions of them. On the assumption that this is accepted, they can then construct the framework that allows them to move towards a greater understanding of how better to collude, rather than collide, with confidence.

The final part of the workshop explores the mystery of Confidence itself. Why does it seem elusive? Why do so many others seem to have it? What actually is it – and how can I get some? Through group discussion, disclosure and storytelling, the workshop pilots participants towards a conclusion that, whilst perhaps not immediately satisfying, at least leaves them with food for thought that may be both provocative and reassuring at the same time.

Staff also registered as a Doctoral Student at the University of Bath cannot take part in the programme. The Doctoral College offers development opportunities (http://www.bath.ac.uk/learningandteaching/rdu/courses/pgskills/skills-development/index.html) for Doctoral students.


Exploring Confidence

Date(s) - 27/06/2019
1:15 pm - 4:05 pm
Main Campus (8W 2.6)

Event Speaker/Organiser: Piero Vitelli
Course Code: RSEC
Curriculum Transformation: N/A
Bath Blend: N/A
Digital Capability: All
Target Audience: Staff who Teach and Research

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