Probationer: Choice for those on Teaching and Research contract.

Highly recommended: ‘Early career’ academic & research staff who wish to understand more about working strategically

Of interest to: All academics/researchers who wish to assess their own priorities and become more focussed


As an early career academic you will be navigating the transition from being managed and led by others to leading yourself and others in academia and research.

This workshop is an opportunity for you to stop and take stock of your leadership and be strategic:  what are you aiming for and what needs to change to develop your research leadership skills?  We will do some benchmarking of where you are now and some action planning towards where you want to be.

In this reflective and interactive session, you will consider:

  • Your vision and focus in relation to your leadership and research
  • Where are you now? Benchmarking yourself / your research against others and organisational strategic priorities
  • How to be strategic: balancing your competing priorities


Date(s) - 22/02/2021
9:30 am - 12:00 pm
Not applicable – WEBINAR

Event Speaker/Organiser: RDP
Course Code: APDaS112-2020-21
Topic: strategic in your academic career
Digital Capability: All
RDF: D2 ,D3
Target Audience: Staff who Teach and Research

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