Preparing your resources

Before starting to create your questions and question sets, make sure you have all the necessary information and resources to hand.  Remember that dates on Inspera are displayed in the US format (12/01/2020 rather than 01/12/2020 for 1 December 2020).  Things to consider include:

  • The SAMIS code and title of the examination - ensure that this is clear and non-ambiguous
  • That you have image files, PDFs and any other resources saved locally in a digital format ready to include in your questions.
  • Any additional information specific to the examination that you need to include in the Exam Instruction Sheet (this will need providing to the Planner setting up your examination). PLEASE NOTE: If the information contained within the Exam Instruction Sheet is needed to be viewed during the exam, authors could attach this as the front page of a PDF (if using a single File Upload question) or as a Document question type if using Inspera questions.
  • Details of those who will be grading (will need providing to the Planner)