Managing results

Option 1 - Marking offline

Graders should complete marking in accordance with last semester’s arrangements for offline marking.

Moderation can be completed according to your Faculty / School or department processes.

Once marking is completed, marks can be uploaded directly to SAMIS via spreadsheets provided by local Administrators. 

Option 2 - Marking completed in Inspera by Graders

Once the marks have been entered and checked, marks must be Confirmed (usually by the Unit Convener).

  • Before Confirming marks, make sure the mark set is complete for both auto-marked and manually marked questions
  • Setting marks to Confirmed triggers them to be queued for transfer to SAMIS
  • Note that grade transfer to SAMIS is a one-time action. If any corrections are needed to grades after they have been Confirmed in Inspera, these must take place within SAMIS.

Additional staff can be assigned the role of Grader if they need to see an overview of submissions and marks for moderation purposes. The Grading an examination guidance has been updated with options for moderation in Inspera.

This video guide shows you how to Confirm the results in Inspera to trigger transfer of grades to SAMIS.

Exporting Marks and Grades to Excel

Note that planners can download a csv file with a breakdown of marks from Inspera (including the marks for auto-marked questions). Where there are local departmental requirements for adjustment of marks before transfer to SAMIS, or you are combining downloaded results for auto-marked questions with offline results for manually marked questions, you must record the final exam mark via the spreadsheet provided by your local Administrators for upload directly to SAMIS. 

The video below shows how to export your marks from Inspera.