Creating the examination

The actual examination details (dates, settings and markers etc.) are specified by the Planner in Inspera. This is usually a departmental administrator.

In your role as Author, the creation, and sharing, of a Question Set for use as the examination, is the final step for you in the creation process.

Options for exam creation

There are two options summarised here. Please note that for option 2, the number of question types has been expanded). Staff are encouraged, where possible, to use option 2 where questions and grading are all done within Inspera.

A flowchart of the the two options for Authors.

The Author's tasks:

  • Choose an approach from Options 1 and 2 (in discussion with your department/programme colleagues).
  • Create the Question Set by either:
    • Creating a Question Set and create new questions within it.
    • Or creating questions individually outside of a Question Set. These will be saved in a question bank. You can then create a Question Set and add the questions from the question bank to it.
  • Share the Question Set with your Planner.

Option 1

Uploading an exam paper as a PDF

  • The Author uploads the exam paper as a PDF document into a Question Set.
  • Marks are set to the total marks of the exam (ideally marked out of 100).
  • Students respond by uploading their completed submission (in a PDF document) to the Inspera Test.
  • Marking and moderation is completed offline.

Option 2

Authoring a Question Set

  • The Author uses available Inspera question types for each question in the Question Set (document, essay, multiple choice, multiple response or file upload).  This requires some understanding of the different properties.  All questions will require a mark be set (preferably totalling 100 for the whole exam).
  • Students respond directly to each question in the online Inspera Test (i.e. question by question).
  • Marking is determined by question types (automatic and/or manual) and manual marking is completed in Inspera by Graders.
  • Multiple markers (ie. Graders) can grade the exams and where this is the case the Unit Convenor will need to confirm the final grade.

For further information, have a look at the Inspera guidance on Creating a Question Set, which you may also find helpful.

Authoring an exam with optional questions

We're aware that many exams offer students optional questions (e.g. answer 2 out of 5 questions) and Inspera doesn't provide in-built functionality for this. In this video we explain the problem, and present a method for doing this.

The Creating (manually marked) Exams on Inspera workshop recording, demonstrates further examples, beginning with choose 1 from X at 18:57.

If using option 1, you may wish to refer to the Semester 1 guidance for Optional questions video.

Sharing a Question Set with your Planner

Once the question set is complete it must be shared with the Faculty / Department Planner and Admin. The Planner will then create the exam.

Editing a question set after the exam has been set up

Preferably there will be no changes to a question set after the Unit Convenor has shared the exam with a planner. However, if the Unit Convenor notices a mistake in a question set then they can edit the question set and then must inform the planner. If the planner is not informed, then the edited question will not appear on the exam for students.