Step-by-step guide to using the Curriculum Transformation SharePoint App

Your course record is created via the easy-to-use Curriculum Transformation SharePoint App. This provides a clear and efficient way for you to enter all of the information required as part of Phases 2 and 3.

Note: designated Course Development Team leads have been given access to the SharePoint App in the first instance. If you believe that you or a colleague requires access to the App, please contact

Initial set-up step

Each course must complete the initial set-up step in order to create a SharePoint record for the course and each of its variants. It is recommended that this is carried out by the relevant Course Development Team lead.

The first time you use the SharePoint App you should:

  1. Click the 'Create new course record' tile to open the initial course-level information screen.
  2. Proceed to complete each prompt, selecting the relevant option from the dropdown menus. Your choices will automatically filter the available options in subsequent dropdown menus.
  3. On the right of the screen, select relevant course variants (e.g. placement or study abroad components) and check the point at which these occur in the course timeline (e.g. Y3 or Y4 for a placement year).
  4. Once completed, click 'done'. Your course record and SharePoint App dashboard has now been created.

For further guidance on choosing the correct options for your course within this screen please contact your relevant Faculty/School Assistant Registrar or Academic Registry.

From this point onwards you can access your course dashboard by using the 'Edit course' tile on the SharePoint App homepage and selecting your course from the searchable list.

CT app initial screen
CT app set-up screenshot
Accessing your course dashboard

Once your course record has been created by following the initial set-up step detailed above, you will be able to access your course dashboard screen.

From the SharePoint App homepage, click on the 'edit course' tile and then find your course record in the searchable list.

Your course dashboard displays the sections under which information required as part of Phases 2 and 3 must be provided. Click each tile to go the relevant information input screen.

Note: further sections will be added here shortly (unit-level information; Rationale for Course Design; oversight and feedback).

CT app course dashboard screenshot

Course-level information

This section is for high-level information about your course. A number of fields are automatically populated from the information provided when you initially set-up your course record. The remaining fields should be completed following the guidance text.

For further guidance on fields within this screen please contact Academic Registry.

CT app course information screenshot

Course Description

This section is for your finalised Course Description text which will be used in marketing and recruitment material. All courses provided an initial version of text as part of Phase 1.

Course Development Teams should liaise with their Faculty Marketing Managers to ensure that the text entered here responds to any issues raised at Phase 1 and accurately reflects any changes to course design resulting from Phase 2 and 3 activity.

Heads of Department will have responsibility as part of the Feedback and Oversight process for confirming that this copy is accurate and suitable for publication.

CT app course description screenshot

Course Intended Learning Outcomes

For each Course Intended Learning Outcome (CILO):

  1. Enter the CILO statement into the text box.
  2. Select the relevant category/ies for that CILO (more than one can be applied to each Outcome statement).
  3. Click the 'save' icon.

In addition, use the 'Placement/Study Abroad' text box to add an additional CILO where relevant. A separate CILO for Placement and for Study Abroad is required.

As you save each CILO you will see it appear on the right of the screen. Each saved CILO can be edited/deleted here.

Guidance is available from the writing intended learning outcomes page. For further advice, contact your Faculty/School Curriculum Development Officer.

CT app course outcomes screenshot


Sections will shortly be available for you to complete unit-level information, the Rationale for Course Design, and the feedback and oversight overview. Details of the information required in each section is available from the required information page.

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