Excellence in Education for us at the University of Bath means that 'our graduates have high levels of personal, professional, and academic skills enabling them to fulfil their potential and thrive in their chosen employment' (Education Strategy 2016-2021).

This page provides information and guidance related to embedding employability and graduate attributes within the curriculum and our learning community. We ensure that there are opportunities for students to develop knowledge, skills, attributes, experiences, behaviour and achievements to enable them to make successful transitions and contributions to benefit themselves, the economy and their communities.

Curriculum Development Officer

Student Engagement Ambassador (2018/19)

How will your course?
  • Address a gap or skills shortage in the labour market
  • Work with employers to identify the knowledge, skills and attributes that graduates need
  • Embed and develop employability across the curriculum
  • Provide students with opportunities for placements or work-based learning
  • Provide opportunities for employer/alumni engagement
  • Encourage students to make connections between discipline specific knowledge, skills and attributes and their use in the wider world
  • Encourage students to recognise how they are enhancing their employability and confidently articulate this
  • Provide students with opportunities to reflect upon what they have learned
  • Develop students’ understanding of their professional interests, skills and values
  • Encourage students to reflect on and take responsibility for their own personal and professional development
Curriculum Transformation Workshop

Workshop materials for staff to use to engage students with the theme.

Curriculum Development Resources
Examples of employability initiatives from other UK universities:

Aston University: Graduate Employability

University of Bristol: Bristol University Futures

University of Exeter: Employability case studies

University of Leicester: Embedding Employability resources

University of Gloucestershire: Your Future Plan

University of Manchester: Stellify Scheme

UCL: Embedding Employability in Engineering video


Embedding employability skills

Here are some examples of how employability skills can developed within modules:

XX50232 Engineering Management Practicum, level 7 unit at Bath, designed to integrate concepts, techniques and skills to solve a practical business problem and encourage self-reflection

The Consultancy Project, level 7 module at Kingston University

Professional Writing, level 6 module at Plymouth University