Innovation Across the Sector

It's not just the University of Bath that is seeking to transform its approaches to learning and teaching. Across the sector, institutions have engaged in a multitude of innovative approaches to enhance their educational provision. Presented here are a selection of relevant examples to provide inspiration for the possibilities for change.

Integrated Programme Assessment

'Integrated Programme Assessment (IPA) focuses at programme level with a holistic and overarching learning and teaching strategy underpinned by authentic and synoptic assessments.'

Universal Design for Learning

'Universal Design for Learning (UDL) aims to provide an equal learning experience for every DMU student...At the heart of the UDL approach is the idea of embedding inclusivity and choice for both lecturers and students.'

Inclusive Curriculum Framework

'The Inclusive Curriculum framework is the institutional approach to building inclusivity from 'concept to review'. This means the principles of inclusivity are embedded within all aspects of the academic cycle...'

'A connected, research-based education is at the core of UCL's Education Strategy 2016-21and UCL 2034, the university's 20-year institutional strategy.The UCL Connected Curriculum is a way of framing and developing the future of education. There is a tradition in some disciplines of students participating in research and making strong connections between disciplines and with each other. The UCL Connected Curriculum is a chance to ensure all students have these opportunities. It’s also a chance to inspire education enhancement in all programmes.'

Curriculum Transformation

'The University of Leicester has recently undertaken important initiatives to bring their coures and overall curriculum in line with sector standards and reinvigorate the way courses are delivered to provide a modern flexible offer to prospective students.'

Strategic Excellence Framework

'The Strategic Plan provides an aspirational and robust framework within which the University can develop its plans on an annual basis and continue to thrivein the uncertain but exciting period that lies ahead.'

'Programme Level Approach means taking a holistic, rather than modular, view of a programme. It means looking at the programme as a student experiences it; seeing the content, structure and assessment that make up a programme as parts of a whole. It also means looking at how we provide students with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to become assured and confident graduates, in a way that is effective and efficient both for students and staff.'

'A programme level perspective can help to ensure that student learning is cohesive and integrative. Working in partnership with students can help to ascertain how a programme is experienced from the student perspective. This can help to inform Curriculum Review, including how assessment practices on a programme are planned and implemented.'

'The University's Transforming Teaching Programme (TTP) is the primary means of delivering the objectives set out in the University's Global Strategy 2020 relating to Excellence in Education. It is focused on five project areas: student engagement; personalising the student learning experience; teaching leadership and development; digital learning; curriculum review.'