Supporting the diverse needs of learners

Inclusion at our heart

As a key curriculum principle, we are committed to designing inclusive teaching and learning so that all students can develop a sense of belonging, purpose and identity, promoting student integration into the learning community through supportive approaches to content and assessment. This recognises the differing needs of students at all levels, particularly those who represent communities that may have been marginalised or historically underrepresented.

Our guidance pages provide information on different areas of practice, including: student transition into university, decolonising the curriculum, support for students with disabilities, and addressing attainment differentials.

A framework for inclusive teaching

Our ‘patterns beyond labels’ approach supports staff to consider effective and sustainable enhancements in different areas of inclusive practice.

Guidance and resources

See our guidance on developing inclusive teaching and learning practice.

How can we support you?

Contact the CLT for support with inclusive learning and teaching practice. We would be delighted to help you consider relevant approaches for your discipline and student cohort.