Developing intercultural understanding in our curriculum design and delivery links to our curriculum principles, explicitly supporting the needs of all learners and citizenship and sustainability, considering how our curriculum might empower students in the roles they will play during their lives as global citizens. Across the institution it is central to fostering a culture of belonging and inclusion and our commitment in the Internationalisation Strategy to ‘increasingly internationalise the curriculum’.

Who is engaged with this at Bath?

There are colleagues across the University interested in and engaged in this area. As a way of harnessing our resources, join our new community of practice where we will explore what it means to develop intercultural understanding in learning and teaching.

We will meet approximately every six weeks and will share practice, build a common resource bank and highlight relevant internal and external work in this area. We will discuss and reflect on challenges faced, and will generate and share practical and actionable solutions to improve our practice. Interested academic and professional services staff from any area are welcome to join.

Our first meeting was in September 2019. To keep updated and join our digital community on Teams, contact Dr Eleanor Parker (Curriculum Development Officer, Inclusion) on e.parker@bath.ac.uk.

For those who missed the intercultural understanding session at EduFest 2019, you can read Tess Thomas’s blog and see our slides:
EduFest 2019

EduFest 2019: Intercultural Understanding Session

This year’s event offered colleagues here at Bath the opportunity to identify, discuss and develop good practice in learning and teaching. It featured contributions from leading HE experts as well as insights from within our own institution, sharing experiences from

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Further support and resources

Contact us to find out more about how you can support the needs of your students: curriculumdev@bath.ac.uk

We can offer support to departments on developing intercultural understanding in your curriculum:

    • working out what can be achieved at different phases of curriculum development.
    • making and displaying commitments to show join up between key areas for change, assessment, learning and teaching, departmental Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategies etc.
    • working through resources with course development teams.
    • signposting to internal and external resources in this area, including practical strategies for learning and teaching.
    • discussing how to incorporate the lived experience of your students, being mindful of the burden that can be placed on our underrepresented groups.

Please also us if you have expertise in this area or if you have practical solutions you would like to share.

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