Reframing inclusive learning and teaching

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Workshop summary

This workshop will challenge participants to reframe inclusion, offering a framework by which to develop their understanding of student needs, and opportunity to actively explore how inclusive curriculum can benefit all students. If we move beyond labels of individual difference to identify patterns of difficulty, many students face similar barriers in learning and teaching. Looking through the lenses of physical, cognitive and cultural inclusion, this interactive workshop will allow participants to frame their learning and teaching practice and identify practical and tangible solutions with impact.

Suggested running time: 1 hour

Key outcomes for participants

  • Critique current definitions of inclusion and reframe the inclusive narrative by focusing on patterns rather than individual  labels.
  • Apply a framework to identify ‘patterns’ in student needs, contextualised to their respective discipline.
  • Identify practical and tangible interventions which will support all learners.

Comments from previous participants

This workshop has been shared at a number of HE national conferences, including:

Inclusive Practice Network conference, University of Bath, June 2019

Swansea Academy of Inclusivity and Learner Success conference, Swansea University, May 2019

'Very useful and interactive style'

'Very useful and thought-provoking tasks'

'Looks like a simple tool but SO useful - thank you!'


For more information about this workshop or to arrange a session for your team, contact:

Abby Osborne

Abby works within the Curriculum Development team to support the University’s Curriculum Transformation with a particular focus on inclusivity.

Contact Abby

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