Exploring your attainment differentials and the role of curriculum

Summer Degree Ceremony.

Workshop summary

There is an explicit evidenced link between students’ degree outcomes and curriculum. Where students of particular identities or demographics may be performing differently, this workshop will help departments explore some of the underpinning factors within learning and teaching for these disparities.

Participants will then identify actions that aim to have a positive and meaningful impact on student attainment and, by extension, on our institutional commitments to address unexplained differentials in student outcomes and to foster a culture of belonging and inclusion. Departments are asked to liaise with the organiser prior to the session so they can discuss relevant data they wish to explore and which demographics, i.e. gender, race and ethnicity, international vs. home, intersectional factors.

Suggested running time: 90mins or 2hrs

Key outcomes for participants

  • Outline student degree outcomes data.
  • Learn from their student engagement efforts and evaluate the academic experience of underrepresented students, including new insights from student engagement work at Bath.
  • Review research to help formulate a plan to practically address attainment differentials in their learning and teaching practice.
  • Identify opportunities to join up approaches to attainment differentials with schools engagement, outreach, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and transition initiatives.

Comments from previous participants

‘I found it very helpful to understand the practical steps we can take as part of Curriculum Transformation that will begin to address attainment differentials.’ (Department Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Chair, July 2019)


For more information about this workshop or to arrange a session for your team, contact curriculumdev@bath.ac.uk

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