H5P allows you to create interactive content such as presentations, videos and other multimedia, questions, quizzes, games and more without the need to learn programming. Create H5P packages: a collection of content and activities with a clear educational purpose. 

Key features
  • Is integrated with Moodle, which allows you to create content directly in Moodle
  • Has multiple content types to choose from
  • Content can be updated as necessary
  • Makes resources interactive
  • Provides teachers with the ability to review students' answers and attempts in activities

For more information read our H5P in Moodle Overview & FAQs page




Xerte is an interactive content creation tool for making web-based learning objects, without the need for programming. Focus on creating learning objects, which consist of content and activities with a clear educational purpose. 

Key features
  • Can be displayed online or offline
  • Can be embedded into Moodle or Mahara
  • There are in-built 'themes' to change the display, including a Bath theme 
  • Variety of page types and templates (including bootstrap for responsive webpages) 
  • Content/objects can be reused/repurposed for additional uses in different courses or disciplines 
  • Content can be updated as necessary 
  • Staff and students can work collaboratively or share content

For more information read our Xerte - Online Learning Authoring Tool page


  • Interactive learning
  • Online learning
  • Independent learning
  • Revision
  • Assessment
  • Reflective learning


Xerte - Online Learning Authoring Tool

H5P in Moodle Overview & FAQs

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Xerte Guide

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For advice on creating e-learning resources to enhance learning, teaching and assessment contact the TEL team: tel@bath.ac.uk

Choosing a tool

An authoring tool allows you to create more user-friendly resources and activities. They can help staff structure and sequence their content. Students can develop greater independent learning skills and be given an opportunity to review their learning through thoughtfully created content.

Below are some scenarios where you could implement the different authoring tools in your courses:


Minimising text

Scrolling through text can make an assignment daunting for students, or you may have text that provides beneficial but not necessary information. Presenting information in an accordion gives participants control in what they read. Hiding content in an accordion can minimise a student's awareness of the content so we recommend using sensible and helpful titles in your accordion.

You can create an accordion in both H5P and Xerte.


Formative Assessment

Formative assessment activities help teachers monitor student progress and is also beneficial to the student to check their understanding.

You can create an different formative assessment activities in both H5P and Xerte.

A note on summative assessment

Summative assessments should not be held on H5P content. We recommend using Moodle Quiz.