Xerte Instructional Templates

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An overview of Xerte instructional templates, which can be used to quickly build small online learning resources.

Blogging in Moodle

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Blogging activities within Moodle spaces, for individuals, groups or the whole class.

Polling with Mentimeter

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Mentimeter is a web-based polling tool, that allows you to gather reponses from students to engage them in their learning.  It can be used synchronously, during lectures or other teaching activities. It can also be used asynchronously, between in-person sessions. 

Moodle Assessment Overview

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Share this page  What do we mean? Dashboard – a customisable area in Moodle where staff and students can display access to their courses and see upcoming deadlines EUI – the Essential Unit Information (EUI) block in Moodle displays a

H5P in Moodle Overview & FAQs

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What is it? H5P is an abbreviation for HTML5 Package. H5P aims to make it easy for anyone to create interactive content such as presentations, videos and other multimedia, questions, quizzes, games and more without the need of programming skills. It

Zoom FAQs

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An Overview of Zoom and Breakout Rooms Our main Zoom pages contact more information on: Setting up your account (for staff) Scheduling your meetings Guidance for students Accounts Setting up a Zoom meeting During a meeting Presenting & Collaborating in

Bath Blend Essentials

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Quick guides to help introduce you to key aspects of online and blended learning and teaching.