ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence

High-level information, guidance and resources to support our understanding and usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, such as ChatGPT.

Assessment Options

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Learn more about the supported assessment option available at the University of Bath. Each assessment option will contain a recommended workflow and general how-to guidance to set-up your assessment.

Assessment and feedback

Assessment and feedback

Assessment for Learning should enable students to succeed in Assessment of Learning and to use assessment as a vital learning tool.

Advanced Grading in Moodle Assignment

What is it? Advanced grading is a grading method that can be used in Moodle Assignments.       Advanced grading is marking done with a Marking guide or a Rubric.    How do staff and students use it effectively?

Academic Integrity

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Information and guidance on the University’s approach to academic integrity and the support available for staff and students.