Assessment and feedback

Assessment and feedback

Assessment for Learning should enable students to succeed in Assessment of Learning and to use assessment as a vital learning tool.

Polling with Mentimeter

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Mentimeter is a web-based polling tool, that allows you to gather reponses from students to engage them in their learning.  It can be used synchronously, during lectures or other teaching activities. It can also be used asynchronously, between in-person sessions. 

Pre-Delivery Checklist

Pre-Delivery Checklist

The pre-delivery checklist will support departments as they plan and prepare for the first year of delivery.

Moodle Board Overview and FAQs

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What is Moodle Board? Moodle Board enables a post-it board activity for students. This is a collaborative activity where the teachers sets out a number of columns with optional names and then participants can add contributions to the columns. Students

Fair Allocation Overview and FAQs

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What is Fair Allocation? This activity allows students to rate choices according to their preferences. The activity supports multiple different rating strategies (e.g. Accept-Deny, Rank, Points, Likert-scale). After a predefined time period for the student to make their choices, an