Moodle Forum Assessment Overview and FAQs

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What is Forum Assessment?   The Moodle Forum activity is a tool for communication and collaboration that allows learners and educators to exchange ideas by posting comments in a thread. Forums can be a great way to create a sense

Moodle Board Overview and FAQs

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What is Moodle Board? Moodle Board enables a post-it board activity for students. This is a collaborative activity where the teachers sets out a number of columns with optional names and then participants can add contributions to the columns. Students

Fair Allocation Overview and FAQs

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What is Fair Allocation? This activity allows students to rate choices according to their preferences. The activity supports multiple different rating strategies (e.g. Accept-Deny, Rank, Points, Likert-scale). After a predefined time period for the student to make their choices, an

Scheduled Lecture Capture

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Frequently Asked Questions page for scheduling automatic lecture recordings using Re:View (Panopto).

Zoom FAQs

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An Overview of Zoom and Breakout Rooms Our main Zoom pages contact more information on: Setting up your account (for staff) Scheduling your meetings Guidance for students Accounts Setting up a Zoom meeting During a meeting Presenting & Collaborating in

Re:View (Panopto) Guides

Re:View (Panopto) Guides

Further information Student FAQs Copyright information Share this page Moodle-linked folder content 2021-22 This playlist covers managing recorded content for the 2021-22 academic year. Viewing recordings This playlist covers viewing recordings in Re:View. Editing recordings This playlist covers the basics

Moodle Guides

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Planning Moodle Courses Moodle course management (summary) Teaching online with Moodle Bath Blend Baseline Moodle Essential Unit Block Marking and Feedback functionality in Moodle Inclusive Curriculum Briefing Inclusivity Checklist Still got questions? Book a 1:1 with a member of the

How to use Re:View for staff

How to use Re:View for staff

  Preparing Re:View/Panopto for the new academic year Please note: Moodle-linked folders for 2022-2023 year were provisioned on Friday 9th September.  From this date, your content from 2021-2022 will be unlinked from Moodle.  If you plan to reuse any recordings