Understand, Engage, Act

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A Teaching Development Fund project aimed at aligning student and staff approaches to assessment feedback literacy to support successful learning outcomes.

Bath Blend Essentials

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Quick guides to help introduce you to key aspects of online and blended learning and teaching.

Designing for your future students

Designing for your future students

Curriculum Transformation provides an exciting opportunity for you to design and deliver your courses with the needs of your future students in mind.

Degree outcomes and the curriculum

Summer Degree Ceremony.

Considering the role of learning and teaching in student attainment and outcomes links to all of our curriculum principles, notably support the needs of all learners and articulate a course-wide approach to learning.

Decolonising the Curriculum workshop

Open Day.

This workshop will allow departments to determine what is considered ‘central’ in their learning and teaching environment, giving the opportunity for diverse voices and experiences to be explored in their courses, whether in design or delivery.

Degree Outcomes and the Curriculum workshop

Summer Degree Ceremony.

This workshop will help departments explore why students of particular identities or demographics may be performing differently, and examine some of the underpinning factors within learning and teaching for these disparities.

Digital Accessibility (including Blackboard Ally)

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Following a few design principles can make your content more accessible and inclusive to all learners What is Digital Accessibility and why does it matter? Digital accessibility is about making better design and content choices for all your learners; it is

Developing intercultural understanding

Developing intercultural understanding

Developing intercultural understanding in our curriculum design and delivery links to our curriculum principles, explicitly supporting the needs of all learners and citizenship and sustainability, considering how our curriculum might empower students in the roles they will play during their lives as global citizens.