Running accessible presentations

Share this page  What do we mean? LOIL – Live Online Interactive Learning, an important part of the Bath Blend. Assistive Technology – specialist IT equipment and software to help ​increase productivity and improve access to technology. D/HOH – Deaf

Remote IPT Sessions

Remote IPT Sessions

Guidance to support staff planning for remote in person teaching sessions.

Bath Blend Essentials Live Online Learning Tips

Share this page  What do we mean? LOIL – Live Online Interactive Learning an important part of the Bath Blend.  Further information More guidance about Live Online Interactive Learning Facilitating Engaging and Effective Online Discussions Facilitating your online session Activate

Delivering IPT in GTA spaces

social distance lecture room

Share this page  What do we mean? IPT: to enable all students to engage with in-person activity should they wish to, there should be two ‘pathways’ for delivery: On campus pathway: Students are physically present for a 4hr scheduled session. Online

In-person teaching

Guidance and ideas to ensure that in-person teaching has pedagogic sense and adds value to students’ education.

Parity of experience

Parity of experience

Our challenge is to prepare the best learning experiences for all students, no matter how students and teaching staff ‘attend classes’.

Engaging Students Online

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Both synchronous and asynchronous online learning activities can foster engagement through keeping to some core principles.



TurningPoint polling software allows learners to participate in real time polling activities.