Accessibility Tools

Share this page  What do we mean? Alternative Formats – content accessible in a different format from the original. Examples are audio, large print, Braille files. Assistive Technology – specialist IT equipment and software to help ​increase productivity and improve

Online etiquette

Student undertaking an online assessment.

Top ten tips for encouraging good online etiquette with your students and supporting the needs of all learners across the cohort.

Delivering IPT in GTA spaces

social distance lecture room

Share this page  What do we mean? IPT: to enable all students to engage with in-person activity should they wish to, there should be two ‘pathways’ for delivery: On campus pathway: Students are physically present for a 4hr scheduled session. Online

In-person teaching

Guidance and ideas to ensure that in-person teaching has pedagogic sense and adds value to students’ education.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams icon

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration platform with document sharing, online meetings, and application integration.

Office 365

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Office 365 is a Microsoft subscription service that includes access to Office applications and online productivity services.


Consistency, Accessibility, Scaffolding, Engagement – or CASE for short – is our model for thinking about the key themes of effective blended delivery.

Bath Blend Baseline Moodle Templates

Bath Blend Baseline Moodle Templates

Share this page  What do we mean? Course Contact = a nominated staff member to act as the main contact for the Course Moodle Course Page = a landing page for the entire course (either all years groups, or per

Bath Blend Baseline

Bath Blend Baseline

Moodle is a central tool in our delivery of blended learning and teaching and it is vital that all students are able to access content. Collaboration between those who deliver and those who support learning and teaching activity is vital to ensure that courses are well designed and engaging for all