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Share this page How long? Mini MOOC – This Moodle course could take up 1 month or less, it depends of the time you spend on each module. Zoom Workshop – Each session has a duration of 1 hour. 1:1

Accessibility+ Toolkit FAQ

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Themes Support the Needs of all Learners Accessibility and Inclusivity Guidance Accessibility+ Toolkit: Teacher Guide Accessibility Tookit+ screencast [coming soon] Digital Accessibility Hub Copyright information Bath Baseline UK Professional Skills Framework Contacts For advice on Accessibility Toolkit+ to enhance learning,

Accessibility+ Toolkit

Brickfield Education Labs

What is it? The Accessibility+ Toolkit is a tool to help staff to identify and fix accessibility issues in their Moodle based content. The new toolkit complements and runs alongside Ally to enhance the digital accessibility of all courses in

Recording your sessions in GTA spaces

social distance lecture room

Share this page  What do we mean? IPL: In-person learning (the term generally used for a face-to-face, on campus session)  Further information Top tips and ideas for teaching in-person sessions Re:View FAQs Teaching Capture Policy Support for Hybrid We do

Accessibility checkers

Share this page  What do we mean? Alternative Formats – content accessible in a different format from the original. Examples are audio, large print, Braille files. Assistive Technology – specialist IT equipment and software to help ​increase productivity and improve

Online etiquette

Student undertaking an online assessment.

Top ten tips for encouraging good online etiquette with your students and supporting the needs of all learners across the cohort.

Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration platform with document sharing, online meetings, and application integration.

Office 365

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Office 365 is a Microsoft subscription service that includes access to Office applications and online productivity services.