Decolonising the Curriculum workshop

Open Day.

This workshop will allow departments to determine what is considered ‘central’ in their learning and teaching environment, giving the opportunity for diverse voices and experiences to be explored in their courses, whether in design or delivery.

Degree Outcomes and the Curriculum workshop

Summer Degree Ceremony.

This workshop will help departments explore why students of particular identities or demographics may be performing differently, and examine some of the underpinning factors within learning and teaching for these disparities.

Supporting Transition and Developing Belonging workshop

Supporting Transition and Developing Belonging workshop

This workshop will explore factors of transition that contribute to student engagement with HE, navigate key findings from research about student belonging and transition and give participants a tangible framework for transition work within their curriculum.

Patterns Beyond Labels workshop

Patterns beyond labels header.

This workshop will enable participants to develop their inclusive learning and teaching practice in a way that is meaningful, practical, and sustainable.