Assessment in higher education is neither value-neutral nor culture-free: within its procedures, structures and systems it codifies cultural, disciplinary and individual norms, values and knowledge hierarchies. (Dr Pauline Hanesworth, Advance HE, 2019)

Image shows three hexagons. Hexagon 1 contains the words 'choice and flexibility'. Hexagon 2 contains the word 'clarity'. Hexagon 3 contains the words 'practise and learn'.Ensuring our course and unit assessments meet the needs of all learners can feel like a daunting prospect. However, by following some sound design principles, we can reduce potential barriers to assessment. The following inclusive assessment guidance introduces a range of practical approaches which promote:  

  • choice and flexibility.
  • clarity around expectations and processes.
  • opportunities for students to practise and learn from their assessments.

Updated on: 01 October 2022