Useful Accessibility Links

There are various groups, services and advice pages offering support and guidance surrounding accessibility at the University of Bath. Please find a list of these below:

  • Disability Service - The University's Disability Service can provide advice and support for applicants and current students and information to staff. Their web page includes several links on accessibility: Disability Service (
  • Disability Support for Staff - This webpage for staff outlines the University of Bath's approach to disability and how disabled members of staff are supported: Disability support for members of staff (
  • Accessibility Tools - The Teaching Hub page on accessibility provides an overview of tools that can help more people to interact and engage with content such as Accessibility+ Toolkit and Ally: Accessibility checkers - Learning and Teaching Hub @Bath.
  • AccessAble – An external organisation which provides detailed Access Guides to tell you all about a specific place's access. Their site gives you detailed information to help you work out if a place is going to be accessible to you. Find maps and physical and sensory accessibility information for the University of Bath's campus at the following link: University of Bath | AccessAble.
  • Autism&Uni - A European-funded initiative to help autistic students navigate the transition from school to university. This site provides info on services and directions specifically for autistic students and applicants. Visit the site here:
  • aFLAME Disability Network – A group for disabled staff and postgraduate research students to meet and share their experiences. Read more about the network and see contact details for enquiries here: Network for disabled staff and PhD students (
  • Disability Action Group (DAG) – For students, there is DAG, who represent a student community for those who self-identify as disabled, and their allies. The group runs casual socials every week as well as one-off socials for wellbeing (like yoga), with events coming up with external speakers. Link here: Disability Action Group (DAG) (
  • Liberation Networks - Liberation Networks are safe spaces in which students who identify as having a protected characteristic can gather to discuss topical issues and meet peers. Link here: Liberation Networks (
  • Autism Social Group (ASG) – The ASG is run by the disability team and is a group for students who identify as being on the autism spectrum. The group is facilitated by a disability adviser in collaboration with volunteer students. The web page is here: Autism social group (
  • Assistive Technology - The Assistive Technology team can help you use and get specialist IT equipment and software to help ​increase your productivity and improve your access to technology. They offer a range of software and equipment to help you study or work, which are explained on their web page here: Assistive Technology (
  • If you are involved in a group, network or service that has been missed off this list, please email to let us know.