Curriculum Transformation Mailing List – 18/09/19

Curriculum Transformation Phases 2 and 3: information, guidance, and resources to support detailed course and unit development

A large number of Departments across the University have started Phase 2 and 3 Curriculum Transformation activity, working hard towards making their newly refreshed course vision a reality. These phases focus directly on supporting course development teams, alongside other key stakeholders, in the design and development of their course proposals.

A key part of the support is a Course Review and Design Workshop, designed and facilitated by the Centre for Learning and Teaching, that equips teams to move towards tangible course design. We have been delighted with the response to these workshops from colleagues who have participated so far, and with the many exciting ideas to enhance approaches to learning and teaching that have been taking shape. You can read more from participants on how the workshop has helped guide their course design thinking here.

We are committed to supporting teams as they take their ideas forward for further refinement, and are pleased to share information, guidance, and resources now available on the Phase 2 and 3 Course Design page of the CLT Resource Hub. This page will signpost you to a range of helpful content, such as How to write your Course and Unit Intended Learning Outcomes. You will also find details of a series of Drop-in Sessions where you can receive advice on all aspects of the Phase 2 and 3 process. In particular, we wish to highlight guidance on how finalised course and unit level information will be collated, alongside resources provided to help with the development of this. A summary is provided below, with links to further content online:

How will finalised course and unit information be collated from Phase 2 and 3?

When finalised, all course and unit information required from Phase 2 and 3 activity must be submitted via a bespoke, online entry SharePoint system. This will enable information to be captured securely, in a suitable format to be shared with the Curriculum Transformation Committee for approval purposes, and to assist the setting up of new and transformed courses. You will have access to the SharePoint system to input course-level information from the end of September. Information on the outcomes and success criteria for Phases 2 and 3 are available from the Phase 2 and 3 Overview page. Further updates are forthcoming and we will keep you informed via the CT mailing list.

How can I keep track of course and unit information during my Phase 2 and 3 design activity?

Certain items of information (e.g. course titles) will already be defined and can be entered directly into SharePoint when available. However, other items will require more ongoing development and reflection, based on design activity and feedback received from stakeholders, before they are finalised and submitted via SharePoint. We have provided a series of useful drafting templates for this purpose. Visit the Phase 2 and 3 Course Design page to learn more about these.

We hope that the content detailed above is helpful to your ongoing activity, and look forward to updating you on these and other aspects via the CT mailing list in the coming weeks, including details of the feedback and oversight process and related timelines.

Curriculum Transformation Mailing List – 18/09/19

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