Curriculum Transformation Mailing List – 15/03/19

Working towards completion of your Phase 1 activity? Additional advice and guidance has just been released.

A small group of ‘Early-Adopter’ Postgraduate Taught courses, working towards delivery of their transformed courses from September 2020, have recently seen their completed Phase 1 activity successfully approved by the Curriculum Transformation Committee. Following this, the Committee has provided additional guidance for the benefit of undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses currently working towards completion of their own Phase 1 documentation.

The Committee highlighted the strength of Early-Adopter submissions in which engagement with key stakeholders had enabled courses to evidence areas of strength and those for development, and where this had translated into a clear rationale for transformation shaped by the underpinning principles. The variety of innovative responses within the submissions was also praised.

A summary of the additional guidance has been produced as an ‘Addendum’ to the Phase 1 documentation available from the Curriculum Transformation Resource Hub (also available as a separate document) and provides prompts for course teams to consider when completing each part. It should be noted that, other than the inclusion of the prompts, the Phase 1 documents themselves remain unchanged.

The checks, feedback and endorsements coversheet, used to collate the relevant signatories, has been updated to provide space for comments, and for responses to these by course teams where appropriate. This is also available from the Resource Hub, alongside a guidance document to aid signatories. Your respective Faculty Assistant Registrar will be able to provide guidance on the checks, feedback and endorsements process, including the updated coversheet.

We trust that this additional guidance will better enable courses to communicate their vision for transformation at this stage.

Read more about the Early-Adopter courses.

Curriculum Transformation Mailing List – 15/03/19

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