Curriculum Transformation Mailing List – 21/12/18

Dear Colleagues

We want to acknowledge the hard work of staff in our Vanguards and those busy with Phase 1 of the Curriculum Transformation process. The early-adopter courses have demonstrated a wide range of thoughtful and informative stakeholder engagement, both within and beyond the University, giving excellent insight into their current course offering. To date, over 700 current students and alumni have been actively engaged through your efforts – and we are just getting started.

The reflections on the data gathered have identified significant good practice and areas where we can meaningfully develop our teaching and learning in line with the principles of Curriculum Transformation. The first phase has also shown that staff across the institution are adopting innovative and solution-focused approaches to developing their courses further. It is an exciting time to be an educator at the University of Bath.

Above all, staff are demonstrating this commitment whilst also juggling the continuing everyday demands of the academic year. We therefore want to thank you for your dedication to what, at times, has been a challenging process, but also for your continued hard work and enthusiasm. It has been a pleasure to watch your visions develop; we look forward to helping you manifest them in the New Year.

With best wishes for a warm, restorative, and joyful break

Curriculum Transformation Mailing List – 21/12/18

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