Curriculum Transformation Mailing List – 09/10/18

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Curriculum Transformation (CT) mailing list.  In an effort to create more clarity and transparency around the process, we will be utilizing this email as the official source of communication.

You have been identified as someone keenly invested in CT and will be included on all mailings from here forward.  However, I know there are many people across campus that would like to receive updates who may have been missed.  Please do forward this to anyone you think would benefit.  They can join by simply emailing their interest to the CT email address above.

While we will be sending and soliciting more information in the near future, today I would like to highlight an upcoming event of direct relevance.  On Monday, October 15th (14:15-16:00), the CLT is offering a Masterclass in TESTA – Transforming the Experience of Students Through Assessment.  This approach to Assessment for Learning, when taken by courses and departments, engages with many of the CT principles while simultaneously addressing some common issues that arise in NSS.  We hope it can be a practical and tangible way for you to maximize the output from your efforts on both fronts.

You can read a short blog post about TESTA here:

Book your tickets here:

Curriculum Transformation Mailing List – 09/10/18

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